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There is currently one chapter of Mass Mesh, located in Somerville/Cambridge. In order to facilitate the sustainable growth of the network, a framework for chapters to operate by in relation to one another is necessary.

Chapter Composition

Each chapter of Mass Mesh ought to have the following elected officers:

  • Treasurer - This officer is in charge of keeping track of all expenses, balancing the checkbook, seeking grants on the chapter's behalf, and ensuring all dues are paid to the federal fund.
  • Secretary - This officer is in charge of recording all regular meetings. Their notes should include the topics of discussion, attendance, decisions, and any other information that they find relevant.
  • Photographer/Archivist - This officer is in charge of guaranteeing the lasting memory of the cooperative by photographing events, logging press coverage, and doing any other archival/journalistic/photographic work that they're inspired to do on the cooperative's behalf.