Mesh Boston Meeting Minutes - 2023/03/12

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  • JamesO

Action Item Status

  • Outreach
  • System Maintenance
    • Write script to update map/liveliness (Skyler)
    • Clear up old entries in map/grafana (JamesO)
    • Setup exit node (Josh)
    • Test new radios (JamesO)
    • Test Pi alternative (JamesO)
  • Setup how to setup a node event
  • Do more outdoors testing of how far nodes go
  • Organization
    • File incorporation paperwork (JamesO)


Equipment Available



  • JamesO setting up APU2 miniboard computer from PC Engines
  • Reviewed Cisco Meraki technology
    • cheapest node is over $800
    • no libremesh software for it
    • management tools are hosted by CISCO:
    • likely requires monthly payments
    • we would be vulnerable should CISCO discontinue the product