Mesh Boston Network

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The Mesh Boston Network is building out a community controlled, secure, public network in the Greater Boston area. It is organized by James O'Keefe and wgahnagl. You can email us at

Get Involved

We are building a cooperative. To be a member you must do one of the following:

  • purchase and setup a node in the Greater Boston area (see below);
  • volunteer during the year;
  • donate $5+/month.

You can get involved by:

Upcoming Events

Hosting a Node

If you just want to host a node, sign up and we will contact you. You can get started by following the Node Setup instructions if you have the required hardware.

Due to the chip supply shortage Raspberry Pi 4Bs 1GB, which we use to encrypt communications over the Yggdrasil network, are in shorter supply. PiShop occasionally has a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B Beginners Kit that has all the components you need except an SDCard, though it has twice the memory needed. Other places to find them, when they are available, include Microcenter in Cambridge, MA and PiShop. You can find other sellers at the bottom of the Raspberry Pi 4B page or RPi Locator.

We are looking at using old PCs as a fallback until Raspberry Pis are available. If you want to help with that effort, contact us.

Meeting Minutes

Our meeting minutes are available.