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This page describes the various projects that are ongoing within the MassMesh community. If you are looking for something to help with, this is a good place to start!

Device Selection

We are always on the lookout for inexpensive hardware to run our software. Specifically, we are looking for devices around or under $100 that can run OpenWRT or other open distros such as Debian, and contain multiple networking interfaces to reduce the extra cost of adding adapters. Examples include multi-radio devices and small SBCs with multiple network interfaces such as the EspressoBin.

We are also keeping our eye on custom hardware like the LibreRouter. If you have experience with small embedded devices or custom hardware, we encourage you to get in touch or attend one of our meetings.

For more information about our supported devices, see our Devices page.

Mesh Gateway Configuration

One of the challenges of bridging a mesh network with the wider internet is determining how and where traffic will traverse between the 2 networks. We are working on producing software that will help users of the mesh choose an exit to enable browsing the wider internet. This involves automating discovery of nodes that are set up to provide internet access, as well as automating the configuration of tunneling traffic. We are currently working with yggdrasil and transitd, so if you have programming experience (especially with Go or Lua), this would be a great area to help out with.



Our outreach strategy is informed by the practice of design justice in order to intentionally build neighborhood power. Apart from connecting with people during our Meetups, we are cultivating knowledge of mesh networking in the working class neighborhoods of Boston. Current programs include Performing Mesh, which we have piloted with Ujima Boston. We are actively engaging with neighborhoods in order to grow our network while expanding their autonomy. Our education project is meant to galvanize installs and cultivate political knowledge/discourse about the ISP cartel.

Growing our install base is another key goal of our outreach program. In order to differentiate our project, we have to approach this process differently than traditional ISPs. Our installation project should be embroiled in the education project, and vice versa.

"Evangelist" nodes in public areas should also be something we consider in the near future, as these will show the practicality of our system while building trust with property owners and wireless Internet users.

For more information about our outreach programs, share resources, or get involved, check our our Outreach page or contact James.

Mesh Services

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