An Open, Encrypted Network by the People

Mass Mesh is a community of networking enthusiasts focused on enabling highly secure communications between people and servers.

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If you care about the Internet, we need your help!

Join Our Open Network

Anyone can join our open network. Just follow the DIY Mesh Node guide. Having trouble with your mesh node? Have a cool idea to share? Join us on Matrix chat!

The Protocol

Right now, the network is 100% Yggdrasil. If you would like to bridge another network onto ours, that's your right! Please just be mindful of the Network Commons License.

Because we're using Yggdrasil, our network has the following attributes (taken from the Yggdrasil project pages):

  • End-to-end encryption for all traffic across the network
  • Decentralised routing information shared using a DHT
  • Cryptographically-bound IPv6 addresses
  • Node is aware of its relative location to other nodes
  • IPv6 address remains with the device even if moved
  • Topology extends gracefully across different mediums, i.e. mesh

The Rules

Our network has some rules, which you can find in the Network Commons License, and they boil down to roughly the following:

  • Participants are free to use the network for any purpose that does not limit the freedom of others to do the same.
  • Participants are free to know how the network and its components function.
  • Participants are free to offer and accept services on the network on their own terms.
  • You have the right to join the network, and the obligation to extend this set of rights to anyone according to the same conditions.

Contribute To Our Technology

Yggdrasil Network
Open Wrt

If you would like to get involved with the technology team, please join us on Matrix chat and introduce yourself! You can also browse all of our source code on our Github.