Community-Owned Internet Is Possible

Mass Mesh is an open collective supporting wireless community-owned networks throughout Boston.*

* Not living in Massachusetts? Find your nearest community-owned network on Join The Mesh (dot) Net.

In Search Of Meeting Venues!

We're down to just two consistent venues per month, with the loss of our spot at Industry Lab. If you know of a venue willing to accomodate monthly meetings for our grassroots movement with very little operating budget, please get in contact with

Open Weekly Meetings

Come meet the crew! We're committed to building our network in an inclusive manner, and this starts with our weekly open meetings. Come ready to meet some incredible network engineers, and hopefully some kindred spirits. We're always looking to recruit more people interested in helping us build our tech and our outreach strategy.

We meet every week at 7:00PM

2nd Tuesday
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Democracy Center 45 Mount Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA
3rd Tuesday
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Encuentro 5 9 Hamilton Pl.
Suite Ⓐ
Boston, MA

Build Community Ownership

Lower Your Monthly Internet Costs

Secure Your Communications

Our network is owned by its users.

Wireless community-owned networks (WCNs) are a grass-roots alternative to Internet service providers that protects your privacy and respects net-neutrality.

Unlike private or municipal networks, ownership of our network is distributed.

Since each router we install together is necessary for the transmission of data, distributed ownership can be guaranteed with simple legal documentation. Our networks allow communities to move beyond exclusionary producer/consumer relationships demanded by existing ISPs towards a neighborly experience within their WCN.

If you care about the Internet, we need your help!