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MassMesh credentials for the Stephen304 CJDNS node are as follows:


Credentials can be added to a node by following these steps:

  1. Visit http://thisnode.info/ while you are connected to the node
  2. Click on "Administration" in the bottom right of the page
  3. Log in with the node's password
  4. Navigate to Services > CJDNS > Peers
  5. Under Outgoing UDP Peers, fill in the credentials of the peer you wish to add

For example, to add the Stephen304 node:

  • User/Name: `massmesh`
  • UDP Interface: leave unchanged
  • IP Address: ``
  • Port: `57776`
  • Public Key: `8hpgpx0lwh9bz314cd9cjtchu5149s23yk8d4fqc5z1tkq2hzv00.k`
  • Password: `fence-path-inside-necessary`

Click "Save & Apply" and verify that a node is now visible in the Services > CJDNS > Overview tab