Mesh Boston Meeting Minutes - 2021/11/07

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  • JamesO
  • Skyler


There is $800 from

Cost out package and preinstall.

Distribute posters:

  • Internet to the people
  • Map and where
  • Cost

a raffle ???

Should use the network commons license

NYC Mesh:

Possibly reach out to:

  • FSF
  • Redhat
  • libraries

Next on-line meeting

  • Talk to your local library
  • Reach out to friends and neighbors
  • Skyler will write a poster
  • figure out who runs the server (stephen304) - Check about updating page
  • set up a liveliness script for each node
  • create an installer/register software
  • jokeefe will talk with JamesV about money
  • Google/action network page for people to sign up to join the network (Jamie)
  • Next meeting Sat 11/14 11am