Mesh Boston Meeting Minutes - 2022/01/02

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  • Keeg
  • JamesO


Convincing people to join. What is the pitch?

  • Expanding access to more people;
  • Building a private / secure network where you aren't spied on.


  • How secure it the WiFI part of the network (Jamie)
  • Talk to your local library (all)
  • Sklyer reached out to local libraries. will follow up
  • Reach out to friends and neighbors (all)
  • Google/action network page for people to sign up to join the network (James)
  • Setup account (James)
  • Setup domain / site (James) -
  • Setup (Skyler)
  • Incorporate? Talk with JamesV/lawyer friend (James)
  • Update the map - see
  • Write a poster (Skyler)
  • Check about updating page with how to update exit servers (James)
  • Stephen will inventory the equipment he has - sent pictures James will write up into a list
  • set up a liveliness script for each node
  • create an installer/register software

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