Mesh Boston Meeting Minutes - 2022/03/06

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  • Skyler
  • JamesO

Action Item Status

  • Write script to update map/liveliness (Skyler)
  • Talk with friends about reaching out to Worcester Maker Space (Skyler)
  • Reach out to UMB CS department about the helping with the project (Lucas)
  • Get node running on a VM on a PC (Lucas)
  • Setup exit node (JamesO)
  • Get incorporation paperwork drafted (JamesO)
  • Talk with volunteer who offered antennas (JamesO)
  • Get access to dashboard (JamesO)



Short meeting.

  • hmoghani put up a node in Belmont. JamesO will add nodes to the map.
  • Skyler talked with Stephen304 about the liveliness script and has a plan
  • Lucas reached out to UMB CS department again and work
  • JamesO gave the mission statement and our membership definition to his lawyer friend. Will follow up on the incorporation paperwork.