Mesh Boston Meeting Minutes - 2022/03/27

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  • JacobS
  • JamesO
  • Skyler

Action Item Status

  • Write script to update map/liveliness (Skyler)
  • Talk with friends about reaching out to Worcester Maker Space (Skyler)
  • Reach out to UMB CS department about the helping with the project (Lucas)
  • Get node running on a VM on a PC (Lucas)
  • Get incorporation paperwork drafted (JamesO)
  • Setup exit node (JamesO)
  • Contacting Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) about our efforts (James)

Equipment Available

See Donating equipment.


  • Discussion of alternatives to starting node at the Quincy Library


  • Skyler and JacobS looked at the Quincy Public Library and decided it was not a good site
  • Skyler working on poster design we can put up to promote our effort locally
  • Discussion of building and positioning a central node. Skyler will reach out to local colleges near her
  • JacobS suggested using Wi‑Fi 6E nodes
  • James contacted friend helping with incorporation
  • James setting up exit node
  • James will update map with nodes and update the grafana nodes
  • James scheduling meeting with MAPC
  • James will meet with Stephen Ronan to pick up the equipment he has
  • May 8th: Tentative date for in-person meeting. James will host
  • Reviewed ideas for poster designs