Mesh Boston Meeting Minutes - 2022/04/10

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  • Skyler,
  • James
  • Jacob

Action Item Status

Reminder: Next week's meeting (April 17th) will be at the MIT Swapfest. We will meet at 11am, but the swapfest opens at 9am. It is at MIT’s Albany Street Garage on Albany St between Main Streets and Mass Ave in Cambridge. There is a small charge.

  • Working on poster designs (Skyler)
  • Write script to update map/liveliness (Skyler)
  • Talk with friends about reaching out to Worcester Maker Space (Skyler)
  • Reach out to UMB CS department about the helping with the project (Lucas)
  • Get node running on a VM on a PC (Lucas)
  • Get incorporation paperwork drafted (JamesO)
  • Setup exit node (JamesO)

Equipment Available

See Donating equipment.


Is May 8th as good date for an in-person get together.


  • Skyler showed an updated poster design
  • Moved meeting at swap fest to 10am
  • Confirmed in-person meeting at 11am on May 8th.