Volunteer Projects

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While we're not formally divided into teams, we've started to diverge into a couple distinct sets of activities for now. It's our goal to remain non-hierarchical as we grow and pursue more specialized tasks, and it's also important to us that all of our members feel empowered to grow through their involvement in the project. Mass Mesh convergences are our weekly touch-base, and a place for strategizing, hacking, being creative, trying new things, and learning.

You can get involved in any/all of the following teams by joining us at our weekly convergences in Boston/Cambridge or joining us remotely on our Matrix chat channels.

You can help!

If you care about the Internet, we need you to organize with us. You can help us most by doing any of the following:


Mass Mesh has identified 8 main teams/committees as being vital to our growth and continued success:

  1. Technology Team
  2. Install/Tech Support Team
  3. Publicity Team
  4. Recruitment Team
  5. Education Team
  6. Governance Committee
  7. Finance/Fundraising Team
  8. Legal Team

If you would like to join a committee, just get in contact with the team's captain or come to one of our weekly meet-ups.