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While we're not formally divided into teams, we've started to diverge into a couple distinct sets of activities for now. It's our goal to remain non-hierarchical as we grow and pursue more specialized tasks, and it's also important to us that all of our members feel empowered to grow through their involvement in the project. Mass Mesh convergences are our weekly touch-base, and a place for strategizing, hacking, being creative, trying new things, and learning.

You can get involved in any/all of the following teams by joining us at our weekly convergences in Boston/Cambridge or joining us remotely on our Matrix chat channels.

You can help!

If you care about the Internet, we need you to organize with us. You can help us most by doing any of the following:


Mass Mesh has identified 8 main teams/committees as being vital to our growth and continued success:

  1. Technology Team
  2. Install/Tech Support Team
  3. Publicity Team
  4. Recruitment Team
  5. Education Team
  6. Governance Committee
  7. Finance/Fundraising Team
  8. Legal Team

If you would like to join a committee, just get in contact with the team's captain or come to one of our weekly meet-ups.

Expansion Committee

Matrix channel: MassMesh Outreach

We're focused on getting adoption out in the real world. Based on the technology available, we form strategies for near-term expansion -- then we get the word out in any way we can. In the past, we've put up flyers in Allston, hosted a design workshop in Roxbury, and done installations in Holyoke and the Boston University area.

We maintain a support desk, and respond to tickets from that platform. At this point, all tickets are requests for installations.

We are exploring becoming a cooperatively owned business entity of some kind, but there is a long way from here to there. Right now, we are primarily focused on organizing our meetings better.

Technology Team

Matrix channel: MassMesh Tech

We're focused on building upon Yggdrasil, OpenWrt, and other mesh networking technologies to create a usable product. Our goals are to be end-to-end encrypted and zero-configuration. We've deployed BMX6 networks, created bridges between Yggdrasil and Tor, and done extensive tinkering with Wireguard in the context of the Yggdrasil network.

We build configurations for all of Mass Mesh's supported hardware, and host it on Github.

We are always on the lookout for inexpensive hardware to run our software. Specifically, we are looking for devices around or under $100 that can run OpenWrt or other open distros such as Debian, and contain multiple networking interfaces to reduce the extra cost of adding adapters. Examples include multi-radio devices and small SBCs with multiple network interfaces such as the EspressoBin.

We are also keeping our eye on custom hardware like the LibreRouter. If you have experience with small embedded devices or custom hardware, we encourage you to get in touch or attend one of our meetings.

For more information about our supported devices, see our devices page.