Build infrastructure

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Build infrastructure

MassMesh publishes openwrt packages and device images. These artifacts are generated by free software available from the links below.

Name URL Description Artifacts
mm-toolbox Source code for the Massmesh package builds
meta-imagebuilder Source code for the Massmesh image builds
glue Source code for the glue scripts that convert the output of the CI pipelines into the image and package repositories
autoygg Source code of autoygg
mm-cli Source code of mm-cli

The artifacts are built by a CI pipeline that runs on CircleCI. The pipeline is defined in the mm-toolbox and meta-imagebuilder repositories in the .circleci/config.yml file.

If the build is successful, the CI pipeline uploads the generated artifacts to a staging directory on the server. The process-uploads code in the glue repository then processes those artifacts and generates the Package and Image repositories at This process is described in detail in the README.

Builds from the master branch go to the snapshots repositories. Builds from other branches go to the experimental repositories. Releases will be published in the releases repositories, but as of June 2020 no releases are available yet.