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One of our core contributors aiming an antenna in the South End.
Note: To build a DIY mesh node, follow our Node Setup guide.

Mass Mesh is a high-tech social club building community-owned mesh networks throughout Boston. These networks enable home Internet access that is fairer, more secure, and more locally resilient than traditional cable. The purpose of this wiki is to provide you with all of the information you need to join the mesh by setting up your own mesh node. All of the information on this site and all of the code in our software is free to use share and edit. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing.

Note: In the Boston-area? Help build out a network! Checkout the Mesh Boston Network wiki or sign up to help at

Getting Started

DIY Mesh Node
A step-by-step guide to setting up your own mesh node, so that you can form a network with your neighbors.
Active Community Networks
What networks are using our software and how you can contact them.
DIY Mesh Network
"Do it Together!" Read here to learn about starting a community-owned network with your neighbors.
Network Architecture
A broad overview of how a neighborhood networks are constructed, and how to connect them to the Internet.
Here's what we're working on, and what we could use your help with!
Contact and Meeting Info
Information on how to get in touch with us online and in person.
New Hacker Challenge Series
A series of challenges to get you hacking on the Yggdrasil network, and growing secure wireless networks in your neighborhood.

Developer Resources

Browse the source code behind our firmware and Yggdrasil convenience tools.
LuCI Hacking
A developer's handbook for extending and modifying LuCI, the user interface for our mesh nodes.
Supported Devices
A list of our supported devices with their performance stats, costs, and setup tutorials.
Tech Team Kanban
See upcoming development work and find a place to jump in!
Build Status
Our firmware's CircleCI.
Get our latest firmware and packages.
Build infrastructure
A description of our build infrastructure.

Installer Resources

Manual Gateway Configuration
Steps for configuring gateway servers and clients. This tunnels people off of the Yggdrasil network.
A list of our supported devices with their performance stats, costs, and setup tutorials.